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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What can a box hold?

Our lives are in boxes and boxes and boxes ... and I've discovered that boxes can hold more than books, dishes, toys and linens, they also hold memories!! LOTS of memories. I am usually a thrower awayer -- I am more likely to toss something into a big plastic trash bag (the black kind so the kiddos can't examine the contents) than keep it. But packing the house has been different, I am finding it hard to get rid of things because I feel like I am throwing away the memory. So, we are moving many more boxes than I thought we would but that makes me happy because we are taking our memories with us to here ...
This is the new home!!! It fits our family so well, and God has been amazing in providing so many things that we asked for - very specific things. We will have a few weeks of transition - we'll have to be out of our house, but we won't be able to take possession of our new home yet, so we are calling it vacation. We will spend some time at the lake house and probably visiting family -- who knows maybe we'll rent an RV and travel around.

Adoption update:
We are still next on the list for a young sibling group. Just to recap what that means - we are approved for up to 4 kids between birth-4 years old. The reality in Ethiopia right now is that one of the governmental offices in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is closed for undetermined reasons and for an undetermined amount of time. As long as this particular office is closed, no referrals can be issued. As disappointing as this is, I KNOW without a doubt that God is in control and HIS timing is impeccable. I have been reminded that this is part of the process, trusting, faith building, not to mention preparing here at home for the tangible changes of having more kids. I have been challenged in the past few weeks to articulate our hearts for orphans and for Ethiopia. Lots of questions from friends and well as strangers has challenged me to be bold and courageous - to speak up for those that can't speak up for themselves - to explain the heart of our family. This has been increasingly more difficult recently because I have been reminded that this goes against a large population of society and the look from strangers when they hear our story reminds me that there are SO many that need to hear of Jesus' love - for them and for our world! I continue to praise God for calling our family to this journey, it is thrilling to hear my children talk about their siblings in Ethiopia, to see the excitement in their eyes when we talk about it, and to reach out to children that are different than them. God has placed His hand on their hearts and HE is changing them and I am SO grateful because it is far beyond anything I could teach them.
This delay in referral also gives us the chance to raise more money to cover the remaining adoption expenses. Please look at the pics of the new t-shirts we are selling from 147 million orphans. They are SO soft and cute. I also have plenty of Uganda bead necklaces in stock.


  1. I so understand how you're feeling about helping people understand. I just read this AMAZING blog post that speaks directly to this!!! I believe God not only draws us to adoption for the sake of the orphans, and for the trust we have to have in Him, but, like you said, for the families/friends asking those questions of us. Here is a link to the post... http://itsalmostnaptime.blogspot.com/2010/05/blessed-to-be-weirdo.html
    And, I tried to order the blue baseball shirt but it wouldn't let me so I'm just going to Paypal you the money. :)

  2. I hadn't heard about any offices being closed or no referrals being given. Do you have any more info on that?

  3. So excited to see who they are, and His perfect time in bringing them into your family!

    Can I come help you pack???

  4. Adoption Mission Possible: my understanding is that there is a level of MoWA in Addis that is closed for an undetermined amount of time and for unknown reasons. This office issues a final piece of required paperwork and so no referrals can be issued and no new court dates scheduled until it reopens and that paperwork gets completed.