Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father ... James 1:17

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Out the door ...

We are walking out the door to catch our flight to Ethiopia. The emotions have never been higher and I just received an email that our paperwork is officially filed with the courts. We continue to pray for God's favor in a speedy court date!!
I will update from Ethiopia as much as possible.
Thank you friends and family for your prayers --- we are off to the country that will bring us our children!
Praising God for this opportunity and praying that HE is glorified in all we do and say.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

9 Days and the emotional roller coaster starts!

We (Craig and I) leave for our first trip to Ethiopia, a mission trip, in 9 days. We are blessed to be part of Ethiopia Smile - a group of 66 dentists and non-dentists going to Ethiopia to be the hands and feet of Jesus (more about the trip www.teamalexander.blogspot.com). My heart can't even begin to grasp what we are going to experience - and I am so excited, anxious, grateful and yes, a little unsure.
I have spent a majority of tonight crying at the thought of saying 'bye' to my 4 precious children here in Texas - I can't even get a handle on the tears. I know this is an ordained trip - God has been at work from the beginning and I know that He is a good God. But I have a mama's heart that loves deep and is going to miss my little crew here at home SO MUCH!!!
In the back of my mind I also can't quit thinking about courts opening in ONE week (yes, I'm counting) and what that means for our court date. We will be turning around to travel again once we receive our court date for sweet A - will that be in a couple of weeks, 6 weeks, a couple of months?? Only God knows!!
This is a time of transition, stepping out in faith, and trusting the One and Only True God. I know He is teaching me that I am NOT in control -- the adoption process has been and continues be a refining experience like no other.
The easiest thing for me to do in the next couple of weeks would be to run, turn and avoid the emotion that awaits, but I know that Christ gives me the strength to face all of the emotions head-on, to go directly through the hard stuff - the fun stuff - the joyful stuff and the sad stuff - and know for certain I will be better on the other side.
So, if you think of us, we ask that you pray for the following:
- travel safety
- timely (quick) court date
- my emotional stability
- God's glory to shine at all times during this trip

We will do our best to post updates during the trip.