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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We are officially in our new home - it's been a challenging experience, but one FULL of blessings. The most difficult part is all of the things that were second nature at the other house: turning on the lights, throwing away trash, brushing teeth, getting a drink .... take effort and thought which makes them feel difficult (thank you Julie for helping me articulate my anxiety). If you take that and multiply it by 6 individuals struggling with the basics, a day can be exhausting. But, we have internet now, so I wanted to send a quick update that we are here. Pictures are coming soon - promise!!!

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  1. Jamie, I was just getting an update on how the adoption is going. I am so so happy for your family! Congratulations. We just moved on the 1st. Thank YOU so much for posting this. And please thank your friend for helping you articulate.. so that I, in turn, can put a name to this pervading energy in our new home. ;D I keep calling it an adjustment period.. the kids will appreciate this explanation over pancakes and oj in the morning. lol I wish you and your family so much happiness! Again, my heart swells with joy for all of you! Bright Blessings!