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Thursday, June 4, 2009




Last night was a big night for Luke. He moved up to a green belt. I know this was very exciting for Luke, but now that I look back, it was a meaningful night for mama too. We were getting ready to leave for his test and he was concerned that his uniform was not as presentable as it should be. What? Is this coming from the same boy that will wear the same clothes day in and day out unless he is TOLD to put on clean clothes? Is this the same boy that would live in a swimsuit if we let him? I was thrilled that he noticed and cared. So his loving father pulled out the ironing board and ironed his uniform. When we got to Arlington School of Self-Defense, Luke walked in and immediately it was serious business. He stretched and punched and since he was the highest belt testing he led the other students in forms, one-steps, and palgwe one. I was so proud to see his instructor draw him out as a role model and to see Luke take it seriously but remain humble. Finally, he was ask what the rules of obedience are ... of course he answered perfectly. He KNOWS - he KNOWS how to be obedient. Finally, the test was topped off with breaking a board. This is a BIG DEAL and the boys were all ecstatic!! And finally, when all was said and done Luke earned his green belt and is ready to start sparring ... I am sure I'll have plenty to share as that unfolds.

Congratulations Green Belt Luke!!!

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