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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dinner options

I opened the front door and threw out $40. Okay, not literally, but I might as well have. Craig is out-of-town and I didn't feel like cooking. So, it was time to order in. We are having pizza at homegroup tomorrow night, so I tried to get creative - which isn't too easy when you still want the food brought to your door. Did y'all know that Pizza Hut has a whole menu of non-pizza items? If pizza is your thing - stick to pizza. Pasta, wings, cheese sticks .... Pizza Hut should not have these items on their menu. The kids each had a bite of the item they chose and that was it --- not because they were being finicky but because the food really was not good!! So, here we are having cinnamon toast, plain toast, chicken strips from lunch, canned chili, yogurt and cantaloupe. It's not gourmet but tummies are full.
Did I mention that Craig is on a private boat in CA enjoying a beautiful gourmet dinner - I'm sure it's 'business' :)

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  1. Man, where is 2fer when you need it! Ugg, sorry about that. Do you think the water is crystal clear where C is??? :)

    love you.