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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Court travel - Days 1 & 2 - Court Tomorrow

We arrived in Ethiopia on Saturday night. Everything went very smoothly at the airport getting our luggage, getting our shuttle to the hotel and getting checked in at the hotel.
Sunday morning we returned to Beza International Church where we had worshiped with our dental mission team last month. We felt right at home and truly enjoyed our time of worship. We met up with our new friends, Levi & Jessie who selflessly serve and care for the Drawn From Water children.

Before we left Texas, the mission trip team donated Christmas gift for each of the kids at the Drawn From Water house. We were SO excited to deliver the trunks full of gifts to Levi and Jessie. We also returned to Korah to deliver some pictures that were taken on the dental trip and visit with friends we made last month. After a little shopping, we got cleaned up and went to dinner with Levi & Jessie and their sweet kids to celebrate Jessies's birthday. They took us to a great little restaurant and we had an amazing night of fellowship and good food.

Monday morning we checked out of our hotel, loaded up the van and headed out for our LONG drive and journey to meet our daughter. We had been warned about the bumpy, rough roads and about 2 hours or so into our trip, we hit those roads. They were bumpy and rough like I have never experienced bumpy and rough --- it was like pieces of the road were missing. On top of that, the road was about one lane wide, but it was really a two way road (and sometimes 3 cars across), and the sides of the road were lined with locals walking with their goods to market, donkeys, goats, school children and herds of ox.

The scenery and experience of rural Ethiopia was surreal. I can't begin to describe the beauty of the patchwork fields of yellow meskel flowers, purple tef, tan wheat and red soil. The beauty of the people chopping eucalyptus trees, carrying bundles of firewood on their backs, the little boys shepherding the herds of goats and young girls collecting water in jugs.

I loved watching the little children in the doorways of the tukuls that dotted the countryside and the school children holding hands as they walked for miles talking and laughing on their way to school in a nearby village. I felt like I was in the middle of a National Geographic special - it was truly amazing.

After about 10 hours of driving (we did stop for a yummy breakfast) we arrived in Nekemte. We checked into our hotel and then left to tour the emperor's palace and to visit the YWAM Nekemte orphanage.
YWAM does an amazing job at their orphanages of loving on the children, and this was no exception. The orphanage in clean and tidy and the nannies are the best. After a short visit we left and drove a short distance to see the sight of the new Widows and Orphans home that is being finished. It is beautiful and the view from the back is breathtaking.

Now it was back to the hotel to work on a little water issue. When we turned on our faucet the water that came out resembled Coca-Cola. This presents an issue since I have a real issue with showering every morning. It seems that the hotel had been without water for a few days and they were working on getting the water to come out of the faucets clear. Since we weren't sure this was going to be taken care of by morning, my sweet husband bought a case of water and planned to pour it over my head in the morning so that I could have my daily shower. Fortunately, the water was clear in the morning and I was able to take a regular shower. Well, as regular as the showers get in this kind of accommodation. It is really quite humorous -- a square tray in the floor with s shower head coming out of the wall is the shower -- no, no shower curtain. You are close enough to the sink and toilet that you can take care of all of your morning business at one time. It's greatness. But, now I've skipped forward to Day 3 - and this is THE big day. So I'll wait and do Day 3 next time.
PRAYER REQUEST: Tomorrow (Monday the 22nd) is our second court date. As we sleep tonight, our case will be reviewed again by the judge. We are prayerful that our letter of recommendation will be there and we will officially 'pass' court. We should know tomorrow morning, one way or the other.
Psalm 91:14-16
Because he loves Me,” says the LORD, “I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he acknowledges My name.
He will call on me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble,
I will deliver him and honor him.
With long life I will satisfy him
and show him My salvation.”
(thank you Syd for sending me this verse!)


  1. Ohhhhh this post makes me LONG to go back!! Every picture is familiar... And that road -- you described it perfectly! :)

    Praying for good news in the morning...

  2. Praying! Know that you will receive good news as she is officially a Porter!

  3. Glad to see all went well. We are so excited for you guys. Which hotel did you stay at? Jill

  4. Sorry we didn't get a chance to catch up at church. Sounds like you are got a great taste of the country! I did not know you would be travelling outside of Addis. Praying all goes well (went well!) today.

  5. Love the little glimpse into your trip. Can't wait until you can post all your yummy pictures of that precious girlie!