Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father ... James 1:17

Monday, June 27, 2011

Blogging again ....

I have decided to start blogging again - not because I am trying to find things to do with all of my extra time but because it helps me focus on the joys of this season in life and find the humor in the daily craziness. I never imagined how busy life would get with a toddler in the house again - but busy it is.
Quick recap on the last 4 months:
- We officially finished our school year: Hannah completed 5th/6th, Luke completed 3rd, Katy completed 2nd/3rd and Emily did great with her Pre-K/K school work.
- We officially launched our own company - CRAZY!!
- Katy celebrated her 8th birthday (in April)
- We got new pets
- Mary-Aster turned 2 years old
- Luke is 10 years old today

Life is so full of laughter, energy, learning, craziness and joy!!! It is truly a blessed time for the Porters.

Mary-Aster is doing remarkably well. She is adjusting beautifully. Bonding and attachment seem to be going very well, her food issues have gone from not wanting to eat anything offered to eating a crazy amount (so much that we have to tamper it a little bit). She was just moved out of our room into a room of her own YAY!! She is talking TONS and bosses everyone around whenever possible. I love that she still uses a few Amaharic words and LOVES LOVES LOVES her injera. I am amazed at God's sovereignty -- she is perfectly Porter!!

Our most recent adventure is getting 2 baby pygmy goats as pets.   I guess homeschooling 5 children and running our company wasn't enough to keep us busy.  So now the Porters consist of 2 adults, 5 children and 2 kids.  Life is an adventure --- a blessed journey from God!


  1. Love to see Mary Aster after hearing sooo much about her through Emily.

  2. Welcome back sister! I have been saying "Esasue" all day long. :)