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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Name Change ... Taking Votes

It has become very clear that Mary-Aster only acknowledges 'Aster' but does NOT acknowledge the 'Mary' part of her name - which is funny because most everyone else seems to acknowledge the 'Mary' but not the 'Aster'. So, at home we have her saying "Aster's milk" or "Aster's shirt", and her siblings all call her 'Aster'- but we have others in her life saying "Hi, Mary!" or "Come on in here Mary" and she looks at them like she isn't sure who they are talking to. We've decided it's time to get some consistency and we are probably following her lead and going with Aster. So, now the question is:
Aster Jolene (mom's middle name - don't make fun)
Aster Craig (this is how Ethiopia does names and her legal name now)
Aster _______ (your suggestion)

Next question .... how does one handle/announce a name change? Do we send Name Change Announcements? Send a Name Change global email? Or maybe we should register for gifts under her new name and have a Name Change Party!!


  1. Our daughter went by her Ethiopian Given name for 9 months and then came home from school and announced that she would NO longer go by that name. She wanted to be called by her American given name. Her teacher was wonderful about it and changed all her school stuff to that name...very formal feeling. We changed her name at home and just started calling her that. When people call her by her ET name we and she just asked for the other name to be used. Names...so funny.

  2. My oldest goes by his middle name. Would you ever consider leaving her name and just having her go by Aster (her middle name).

  3. Aster Grace (think you already have a Grace as middle right??)

    Will think of more..............

  4. Partial to Aster Craig because of the meaning it evokes.

  5. Hi guys, hope all is well! Aster is a great name and glad you are choosing to to go with it! I agree with Jen, can she just go by Aster, and leave her legal name Mary-Aster. By the way I know an Aster here who goes by Astie for short...