Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father ... James 1:17

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blessed in the waiting

The one thing I know about adoption is it will require a tremendous amount of patience.  It seems at every turn the name of the game is hurry up, hurry up and WAIT!!  We waited for news about a little boy ready to be adopted, we waited for God's clear direction on which way to go between 2 boys, we waited for the official referral paperwork, we waited for support raising and funds to officially accept the referral, we waited to be submitted to court .... and NOW we wait for word on our court date.  We were submitted to court a week ago and are hopeful we will receive word of an assigned court date soon.  The hardest thing about waiting is staying busy and keeping my eyes on the Lord.  I have been very blessed that HE has provided opportunity for both of these things.  It isn't hard to stay busy when I homeschool 4 children, have a VERY VERY VERY active 2 year old, care for 2 goats - one of which is pregnant, train a new puppy, help Craig run a home health agency,  and study like crazy for my Bible class.  Keeping my eyes on HIM is a different story... it's so easy for me to get too busy for prayer, too preoccupied for reading His Word, too overwhelmed to depend on Him for everything.  But HE is faithful and has provided me opportunity after opportunity to remain in HIM.  Craig and I were blessed to go to Laguna Beach for the Seed Company conference.  I have so much on my heart that I want to share, once I process it all.  Truly amazing organization and truly amazing kingdom vision !!!!  I also am blessed to be studying systematic theology once a week thru a Bible class at church.  I love all that I am learning about our sovereign and mighty God!

I can hardly wait to post once we get our court date!! I continue to be humbled and blessed by the amazing adoption journey.  I am SO grateful God calls us to care for the orphans - James 1:27.  It has changed our family and has certainly changed me. 


  1. We are literally in the EXACT same place ya'll are in!!! Submitted to court a week ago! Just stumbled on your blog today. I am having an especially hard time in our wait today. Our girl is just really on my mind for some reason, so I have been praying for her ALOT! :) Our agency has been *very* vague on when we will get our court date. Have you heard anything from your agency regarding this? Would love to know! Feel free to email me amytippens@gmail.com

    And congratulations!

  2. Yes, waiting. We're just one step ahead of you waiting to be submitted to embassy. I thought the waiting would be easier the second time around (this is our 2nd adoption, I have NO idea why I thought it would be easier!), but it seems like the longing for our son to be home is even stronger.