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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Southern travels

After the festivals were finished we stayed and traveled a bit with Manny & Jamie (full-time missionaries in Spain). Our travels first took us as far south as possible to Marbella, Spain - where we became beach bums

Behind the kids is The Rock of Gibraltar - which was our next stop

Gibraltar is a British Territory - which was really cool because we drove across the border and all of the sudden we could understand everyone and read all the signs -- Yippee!! Gibraltar is also home to the tailless Barbary Macaques. These delightful little monkeys roam around the entire rock where visitors can sit by them and watch them and feed them (sshhh - don't tell - I don't think we were supposed to). For those that don't know Luke LOVES LOVES LOVES monkeys. I can't even begin to explain his fascination with and adoration for monkeys. It was as close to heaven as he could imagine. One monkey friend even tried to take his bracelet off -
how many times do you think we heard this??
"A real monkey touched my bracelet, right here - a REAL monkey"

If I haven't bored you enough with our geography and history lesson, here's more: Standing on the Rock of Gibraltar - looking across the Strait of Gibraltar - Africa is only 14 miles away. The view was breathtaking and it was cool to be standing on British territory, look to the right and have Spain right there and look straight ahead and see a clear view of Africa - (I mean the continent of Africa was closer to us there than Ft Worth is to us here at home - WOW) -
Objects in the background (Africa) are closer than they appear

Next post: San Sebastian, France and running with the bulls ... stay tuned!

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