Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father ... James 1:17

Monday, February 15, 2010

Failed Fingerprint Friday

No fingerprints on Friday (insert my VERY sad face) but it wasn't because we weren't there! This was the biggest snowstorm in over 30 years for North Texas, and what are the chances it would happen the night before our longed for fingerprint appointment?

My sweet Craig got up early and spent an hour digging our cars out of the driveway, trimming and tying back tree limbs so we could open our gate and getting his car unstuck so we could go to our fingerprint appointment. The sweet part, really, is that he knew there was no way this gov't office was going to be open - but he really did it all because he loves me. Not only did he drive us there, but he sat outside the closed doors and darkened office of the USCIS Support Center while I repeated over and over, "I bet they're just running late. I bet they'll be here by 10. A lot of government offices are opening at 10. Maybe they're going to open." It was so pathetic in fact, that I mistook a lady in some kinda gettup with leg warmers and knit hat, for a USCIS worker because her jacket had patches on it. Turned out, when she got closer, they were Harley Davidson and NASCAR patches. He called the USCIS 800# at least 5 times trying to get more information and one time even ask if the supervisor for this particular Support Center had a cell # that we could call. Craig was pretty sure I had lost it at this point. So, if you look up desperate in the dictionary it says: "Jamey Porter on Friday, February 12, 2010 trying to get her fingerprints taken" Then my wise and obviously much more spiritually grounded husband said, "This is God's timing because He knows one of our children hasn't been born yet."
The good news is that there was a sign on the door (posted from the night before when they closed early) that we could come back anytime M-F between 8-2 and our appt would be expedited. They were closed today - Craig is not able to go Tues - Thurs, so we are going to give it another shot Fri morning. I plan to have my happy little self sitting outside that office at 7:45 am!!

I can't wait to share what the Lord CLEARLY spoke to me Sat morning during my personal quiet time with Him. Your hint is: Numbers 13-15

Also - if you placed an order with me, your order is shipping tomorrow. If you live in Arlington I am ready to deliver!!!


  1. After adopting internationally I know how horribly difficult that must of been! I can't imagine! I would have been calling too:)

    Thank goodness you can go this Friday. I am praying all goes well.

  2. This just makes the story so great of the love you have for these children that you don't even know yet. Yes, Craig was very sweet. He realized all of that was better than saying, "we aren't going!" :)